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Watch the introduction by St. Germain.

A Torus Healing is one of the most powerful energy healings available on earth.

You might be struggling with letting go of something or shifting a pattern you’ve been stuck in. You might be dealing with physical pain or have a health issue that needs support. You might have a pet that is in pain or struggling.

You’re ready for something new and you’re tired of talking about it and “working” on the issue.  You just want things to be different. You’ve tried other healers and you’re ready for the next level of healing.

Imagine receiving healing directly from the Ascended Masters. 

You’re relieved to know that things can be better. You’re ready to feel lighter and moving in a new direction. You’ve finally shifted that stuck pattern and you can’t wait to see what life will bring you next.

You’re ready for some new energy. You’re excited to have new insights and new ways of seeing things. You are standing in a place of possibilities as you allow new energy into your life.

A Torus Energy Healing is where you’ll receive energy healing that allows you to move more fully into being the best possible you.

Listen to Sheila & Courtney Discuss Torus Healings on a Recent Radio Show

St Germain Portal created by St Germain through Verna Maruata.

Guided by St Germain

St Germain has prompted us to share this unique and powerful healing technique with you. As a 7th ray Master, St Germain shares with us the possibility of transformation in any form.  

He has shown us new techniques so that the Masters can share the most possible healing with you. He helps in identifying the individuals for each Torus offering so that the energy mix of healers is best suited for the healing being offered.

He is committed to your healing and always available for you to connect with via his portal image on the left.

The Power of the Torus

The energy of the torus is most well known in our time from Tesla’s work with the free energy and using the concepts of the torus and a toroidal field to create free energy that is self-sustainable.

The torus is the energy structure of creating life. 

The energy from our heart creates a toroidal field and fuels our human bodies. In fruits and vegetables, you can easily see the toroidal energy field that creates them. It is a field that is everywhere. 

When a group of people create an intentional toroidal energy field for healing and place a person or a pet or a family into the center, they are receiving the energy of creation. This energy can bring forth what is needed to move forward. 

It is healing by the pure nature of being creative energy.

Receiving a torus is powerful in a multitude of ways. The torus creates a perpetual energy field when it is created with intention. This energy field then creates a portal that allows the Masters to work with the energy of each individual and/or the group. The amazing thing about the Torus is that it provides the Ascended Masters a way to work with energy in this plane different than any other energy technique. 

The Masters are able to blend energy healing and techniques beyond this plane into this plane through the torus.

The torus amplifies the healing power that the Masters are able to share with you.

Available Torus Healings

For each torus healing, 4 healers will gather to deliver your healing (with the exception of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine, which will be 2 healers).  The torus healing that you will receive is a remote/distance healing, meaning that we do not meet in person.  We ask you to be in a relaxed state and we connect with your energy via the photo you provide. You will want to reserve at least 30 minutes to receive the healing.

Receiving a torus healing is one of the most powerful healings we can gift to ourselves.  You’ll set your intention for the healing and the Masters will clear the energetic ties and infuse new energy pathways for you to embrace the next step in your journey of healing. See additional options for the Individual Torus Healing below.

The family unit is an energetic construct that contains the soul agreements that the individuals in the family have with each other. The torus clears the path for those agreements to be honored and infuses the family structure with new energy for their work together.

Most every relationship on earth has some karmic nature to it. The torus helps to clear the energetic debris ready to be released in the relationship and creates alignment for the relationship to move forward in it’s next step of evolution.

Our pets are like family to us.  You might have a pet that has been traumatized or simply needs some extra support due to physical issues. Pets often absorb and react to the energy around them.  A torus healing clears their energy and brings their energy back into balance, so they can naturally heal.

You're ready to find that inner balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine that lives in each of us. This torus healing will activate dormant patterns in your DNA bringing a brilliant gold to the double helix.  The energies of the feminine and masculine will be brought into balance within the individual. When these energies are in balance, the human will have access to their own consciousness in a unique/different way.

Sheila with her Higher Self on the 6th ray of the goddess and Brad with his Higher Self on the 1st ray of god's power will be the healers for this torus. Their combined energy of the god and goddess in the ascension rays along with a specific alchemical technique brings a powerful and unique energy to the healing. 

When you're struggling with what seems like everything in life, it is typically due to trauma triggered by past lives and patterns. Doing a series of torus healings every 7 to 10 days totally transforms the energy and creates a space for you to move forward.  

This package consists of 3 torus healings: 

  • Torus Healing for Trauma Support
  • Torus Healing for Clearing Patterns
  • Torus Healing for Healing Past Lives

Individual Torus Healing Options

Individual Torus Healings can be as specific or general as you desire. Following are some specialized options for you to select from.

Healing Past Lives
Our ties to past lives are part of us.  We often bring the energy forward as connections in our energy fields that affect us today in ways that we aren’t aware of.  Often the lessons have been learned, yet the energy wasn’t released because in a physical world we tend to hold on.  The Masters will assist with the energetic release of these connections that we no longer need to hold onto.

Clearing a Pattern
In our physical bodies, energetic patterns get stuck.  We repeat things without knowing why.  In this healing, the Masters will shift the subtle energy patterns, so that new ideas and possibilities can arise within you.

General Life Support
Sometimes your path through life feels clouded and confused or maybe you just want more of something. In this healing, the Masters will assist in clearing what is in the way and activating what is needed for you to see the next step.

Ascension Support
Every person is always on some path of ascension or descension, either clearing more karma that is created or not. The Masters will provide clearing and support around your conscious intention to ascend.

Trauma Support
With trauma, energy patterns get disrupted and confused in the body and the brain. In this torus, the Masters will provide energetic support to clear the connections to the trauma so that a new kind of healing can begin.

Creative Expression
Every individual has many gifts of creating expression within them. In this healing, the Masters will clear the energy keeping you from discovering and/or expressing those. New energy will be infused to support taking the next step with creative expression.

We are a group of healers who work with people like you that want to shift their life in a new direction.

We help you by being a clear channel for divine energy so that you receive exactly what you need to move forward.

Our Higher Selves and the Ascended Masters that work with us share transformational healing energy.

Brad Panopoulos

Energy Channel, Orgonite Alchemist, Energy Healer

Barb Birdgeneau

Reiki Master, Dowsing

Tammy Yarsa Manzo

Courtney Dillon

Intuitive, Energy Healer, Medium, Coach

Andrew Logan

Energetic Healer, Spiritual Activator

Jan Thompson

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Ascension Dowser

Lori Diebold

Akaskic Record Reader, Energy Healer, Intuitive Counselor

What You Will Receive

While we can’t guarantee what will change in your life when receiving energy from the realms beyond our physical world in 3D, some things others have experienced through these healings are: 

  • Feeling lighter, calmer, more peaceful and happy
  • Infusion of new energy that brought new ideas
  • New understanding that allowed for new movement and direction in life
  • Freedom from old patterns and habits that no longer served them
  • Relief from physical discomfort

We are all on an active path of ascension and have cleared the karma from our chakra system. This allows us to be a clear healing channel so that you receive the healing energy that you is perfect for you.

How It Works

  1. You'll purchase the torus healing that you desire
  2. We'll gather the 4 healers required for the torus healing that your purchase
  3. You'll receive an email with the time that we will do the torus healing
  4. At the time of the healing, the healers will connect using a technique called a Torus Meditation that allows us to energetically connect while holding you and your intention in the center of the Torus
  5. We recommend that you allow yourself at least 30 minutes to receive the healing at the scheduled time
  6. You'll receive an email with any insights that the healers experienced during the torus healing

Let's Get Started

Step 1. Select a Torus Healing or the Torus Healing Transformation Package and complete payment along with scheduling a time.

Step 2. We’ll get back to you within 2-3 days with a confirmed time for the healing.

Step 3. You’ll find a relaxed space to be in for the healing.

Note: By completing payment for this session, your contact information will be shared with the healers. You may receive future emails from them that you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Healings must be purchased for yourself or for those who have given you explicit permission that they desire to receive a healing. A healing should not be purchased for someone that you want to send healing to.

What Others are Saying...

Avery (dog- Pomeranian) was diagnosed with lymphoma. She received her Torus healing just prior to her first chemo visit. During the Torus session Avery lied on her side in an uncharacteristic way. She was still until the end of the session, at which point she sat up with a "what was that?" response. Afterwards, her energy increased and she became playful. The lympnodes had shrunk significantly prior to her first chemo visit. The Vet says she's never seen a dog gain weight on chemo. She continues to improve.
– Happy Pet after a Torus Healing (Torus Healing for Pet, US)


It was a very peaceful process. We laid quietly and just let it soak in (and one of us fell asleep!). Every day since then we've noticed something more calming in our selves or something that seemed like a surprise from the universe. We intend to do more of the healings to continue the process.
– Happy Recipients of a Torus Healing (Individual Torus Healing, US)


I am feeling much more connection "in my body" to spiritual energy.I feel my kundalini energy is more active. I have never been able to see other worldly entities BUT as I was looking at a picture of my grandmother the other day suddenly I could see her beside me slightly elevated she was young in her early 20's. Very beautiful in a long gown She spoke to me Such Love , Humour and Caring she spoke in a way that had never been possible in our human lives together

Such a gift. Thank you for your loving support for my spiritual journey. I feel I have made a huge step forward.
– Cheryl Anne (Individual Torus Healing, Canada)


I am so grateful for this healing work. What better than to take half an hour and relax with your heart full of gratitude and open to the experience. It's been a few weeks and my shift in energy is presenting itself bit by bit. There is an overall sense of balance and clear sense of what my heart wants me to do. Still I'm struggling with self confidence BUT the fear is not stopping me, for example, I said yes to a simple but very timely meeting with someone who wanted to share some ideas for my podcast. I felt so grateful afterwards. 
– Sheila M. (Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Balancing, Puerto Rico)


Thanks a bunch for this!! What an amazing experience and opportunity for this healing, which at the time was so needed. I feel calm, like a new calm sea. It was amazing being immersed - afloat in a changing sea of colors which surrounded me and healed me with love and compassion.
– Larjunette M. (Individual Healing, US)


The insights into a pattern that I had asked for healing to help clear were invaluable. I've spent most of my life trying to understand and shift this pattern. I received information that helped me to understand the pattern and am grateful for the assistance in releasing it. I'm so excited to see how life unfolds moving forward. Thank You!
– Torus Healing Recipient  (Healing Path - Clearing a Pattern, US)


My dog Gizmo received a torus healing. Soon after, we went to the vet and he previously would shake and pant with extreme fear and anxiety. That fear and anxiety is now almost completely gone. He seems like a younger dog now, with more pep in his step and better overall energy. His sense of smell even seems to be heightened as he is finding much more to sniff at during our daily walks. It's wonderful to see him really enjoying his life. He seems happier and more energetic since his torus healing.
– Owner of a Pet (Torus Healing for Pet, US)


That was a really strong healing! There were four big blocks that were cleared during the session. It felt like being gone someplace, out of body, out on another dimension maybe. Then at the end being brought back down to the here and now. THANK YOU so much!! That was awesome!
– DF/DM Torus Recipient (Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Balancing, US)


Several weeks ago, my Dad landed in the hospital with CoVid. I asked if he was open to receiving a torus healing and he agreed. With the severity of his condition, the torus was organized quickly. The energetic shifts that the healers shared were amazing. Today, I share this message about my Dad, “Yesterday, The Dr said he had “no idea” how my Dad lived through the first few nights. His oxygen levels were such he should have died.” I’m so grateful for the torus healing and I’m sure it supported my Dad’s survival through a very tough time. Thank You.
– Courtney (Individual Torus Healing, US)


Receiving a Torus Healing is such a wonderful gift. I experienced clarity as I moved forward with the support I had requested to let go of a particular pattern. 
– Torus Healing Recipient (Individual Healing, US)


My amazing delightful light feeling journey to the session started a few days before and on the day itself.

How and why? I called out the name of one of the healers three different times instead of the name of the person I was talking to, without realising everytime I said the name, only realised after I had said it.

That was the beginning of the my healing journey. It felt I was been guided and in preparation of the session, loved it.

Ever since the session I feel a weight off me, it's like the excess baggage I didn't know I was carrying (I didn't) was literally taken off me. I feel a sense of freedom with my innate emotions, almost like I'm am now free to express my emotions without feeling judged. I know, you'll think me being a Mind Warrior should know but I didn't know I wasn't as expressive.

I could go on but I'll leave you with this: open, be willing and prepare for the session and you'll be amazed with the experience afterwards, most of all, listen and do what is suggested before the session.
– Tinu David Mind Warrior & Healer (Individual Torus Healing, UK)


Receiving healing is an amazing journey. Much of the healing takes place at a deep level for one to be totally aware of every detail. I have found the best way to receive the healing is to trust and let go. Some may feel more than others and much unfolds in the days or weeks after the healing. During the healing session a sense of peace and relaxation became prevalent and few days after the healing session, I was contacted by a friend healer offering a treatment to help with my physical issues. I understand that I need to be aware of the personal work that needs to be done since I have created the dis-ease in my body. I continue to do my part knowing that God and the Masters work with us and help us as we learn and grow through the healing process. Thank you to all who have helped to facilitate the process. 
– David S. (Individual Healing, US)


It has been a few weeks since my Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Balancing session. I notice that I feel very calm and centered and very peaceful. I feel like my energy has softened and is floating in Love. I don't hurry as much or worry as much or push myself to keep striving forward as I used to. I am allowing and trusting that things move forward in their own pace and it feels wonderful. I am in the Now moment and there is love, peace and joy everywhere. I still do the work and make the effort but now there is an additional layer of happiness and trust, which makes the work, no longer "work". I feel like this session has done so much more that I don't even know how to describe. Thank you so much for this!
– Peaceful Recipient of DF/DM Healing (Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Balancing, US)

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 Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the healing?

We recommend that you allow yourself at least 30 minutes to consciously receive the healing.  Many share that a Master or one of our Higher Selves may work with them or walk with them for many hours after the healing.

What is a Torus?

A torus is an energetic structure that we use to connect to each other and to the Ascended Masters.  This allows us to channel the healing directly to you.  We use a technique that we learned as part of our ascension journey.

What are the Rays?

The rays of incarnation are energy manifestations of the attributes of God(dess). You can read more about the rays on

What is a Higher Self?

Each of us has a Higher Self.  We understand that as a Soul, we have a Higher Self.  That Higher Self is ascending as well.  When they merge with us after the 7th initiation, then our Higher Selves are with us in our holy heart all the time.  You can meet many of the New Masters that are the Higher Selves for many of us offering these healings.

What does it mean that you have cleared your karma?

The healers that offer these healings have passed the 5th initiation, which means they are free from the cycle of rebirth on planet earth.  They have cleared the karma from their chakras which means that their chakra system is clear and pure. Many of the healers have also passed the 7th initiation, which means that their  Higher Self has completely integrated into their physical body.  You can meet some of these new masters on the Alpha Imaging website.

What should I do during the healing?

We recommend that you sit quietly in meditation or simply lay down and rest.  Set the intention to receive the healing and allow yourself to just be as present as possible.  

What should I expect during the healing?

Everyone experiences energy healing differently.  Some experience lights or colors. Some feel the energy in their body. Some hear information. Some don’t feel anything. Know that whatever you experience is just perfect for you.  Trust in yourself to receive what you need to receive.

How can I get the most out of the healing?

Healing is the most powerful when we are ready to receive.  The intention to let go and receive is the first step in healing.

Who are Ascended Masters & Archangels?

The Ascended Masters are those that have cleared their karma and have left the cycle of rebirth.  They work with each other in continuous love and support for humanity.  You can read more about them on Alpha Imaging.

The Archangels are beings like Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel.  They are on their own ascension path and many are continuously helping humanity.  You can read more here.

What is ascension?

These are the times of  ascension.  Everyone is on a journey of ascension to raise their consciousness.  The healers that step forward for these healings are all actively ascending with help from the Ascended Masters and the teaching on the website.

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